Donde Esta Hotel California?

Where is the original Hotel California located?

The hotel is located in the town of Todos Santos on Baja California Sur, about 1,000 miles (1,609 km) south of San Diego and 48 miles (77 km) north of Cabo San Lucas. “ Hotel California ” is known for abstract lyrics that lead singer Don Henley has said describe excess in America.

Which is the real Hotel California?

If you open Google Maps and search for ” Hotel California “, the closest result will likely be in Mexico in the city of Todos Santos. Todos Santos is in the Baja California (hint 1: California!) state just west of the Gulf of California. The hotel is located on highway 19 (hint 2: desert highway!).

Is there a real Hotel California from the Eagles song?

The inspiration for the name of the song, however, was not a real -life hotel, Eagles lead singer Don Henley once told Rolling Stone. ‘ Hotel California ‘ was our interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles,” Henley said.

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How far is Hotel California from Cabo?

This hotel is about 45 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas and you can arrive there by the Coastal Highway 19. The song “ Hotel California ” was written and composed by the music band The Eagles.

Is Hotel California a ghost story?

The lyrics of the song have been given various interpretations by fans and critics alike, the Eagles themselves described the song as their “interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles”. It’s about drug addiction. Do yes, kind of a horror story No it’s not.

Is Hotel California about Hotel Cecil?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Eagles ‘ Hotel California ‘ was written about the Cecil Hotel, in Los Angeles. Sadly, just two years after the Cecil Hotel opened, the world was thrown into the Great Depression. The area surrounding the Cecil Hotel became known as “Skid Row” — home to thousands of homeless people.

Why is Hotel California banned on Youtube?

In order to prevent a video from being completely blocked in the US, the operator of another guitar instruction channel, Paul Davids, removed a portion showing viewers how to play a “two second lick” from The Eagles’ “ Hotel California,” which also included a several-second clip from said song.

Is the song Hotel California about drugs?

Hotel California is a metaphor for cocaine addiction The narrator is on an exotic experimental mind journey. The “Dark Desert Highway” refers to a craving drug trip that has a disastrous aftermath. The warm smell of Colitas (the Spanish term for tumble weeds) makes his head heavy and sight dim.

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Who played the guitar solo on Hotel California?

8 spot on Guitar World’s often-quoted list of the 100 greatest guitar solos. While the recording features the guitar work of Joe Walsh and Don Felder, the primary guitar heard throughout the solo belongs to Felder, who also wrote the music for the track.

What’s Colitas mean?

” Colitas ” means “little tails” in Spanish; in Mexican slang it refers to buds of the cannabis (marijuana) plant. According to Glenn Frey, the “warm smell” is ” colitas it means little tails, the very top of the plant.”

What does the song Hotel California say backwards?

For example, in the chapter called “Which Way Are The Eagles Flying?” Aranza condemns the southern California group as “occultic” [sic] and as “having had dealings with members of the Satanic church.” He claims their song “ Hotel California,” an ode to devil worship, contains this startlingly formal backward message: “

How much does it cost to stay at Hotel California?

The average price for one person for accommodation in California is $92. For two people sharing a typical double-occupancy hotel room, the average price for a hotel room in California is $185.

Where is the Hotel California on the Eagles album?

However, when the identity of Beverly Hills Hotel was revealed, the hotel threatened legal action over the use of the image. The rear album cover was shot in the lobby of the Lido Hotel in Hollywood.

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