Readers ask: Marigold Hotel On Tour?

Where can I watch the real Marigold Hotel on tour?

Watch The Real Marigold Hotel: On Tour, The Complete Series | Prime Video.

Which celebrities are in the real Marigold Hotel?

The Real Marigold Hotel Series 4 Meet the Celebrities

  • John Altman. View John Altman.
  • Duncan Bannatyne. View Duncan Bannatyne.
  • Henry Blofeld. View Henry Blofeld.
  • Susie Blake. View Susie Blake.
  • Paul Chuckle. View Paul Chuckle.
  • Barbara Dickson. View Barbara Dickson.
  • Britt Ekland. View Britt Ekland.
  • Dame Zandra Rhodes. View Dame Zandra Rhodes.

Who was in the real Marigold Hotel with Wayne Sleep?

Stars of The Real Marigold Hotel will embark on the first ever live tour of the hit BBC TV series in October. Revealing insights from their time on the show, actor and choreographer Wayne Sleep will be joined by actor Paul Nicholas, singer Shelia Ferguson, former Darts player Bobby George and TV chef Rosemary Shrager.

Where did they film the real Marigold Hotel?

Where is The Real Marigold Hotel filmed? The current series of the show was filmed largely in Puducherry, India.

Who narrates the real Marigold Hotel 2020?

The Real Marigold Hotel
Genre Travel documentary
Narrated by Tom Hollander
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
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Which Supreme was in the real Marigold Hotel?

Sheila Ferguson joined the Real Marigold Hotel for its second series.

Is there a real exotic marigold hotel?

In real life, the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is called theRavla Khempur, and it is run by a noble Indian family. Though famous, it has retained its rather ramshackle charm – you won’t find any Egyptian cotton sheets or room service here.

Can you stay at the real Marigold Hotel?

Viewers have been watching BBC1’s The Real Marigold Hotel and falling in love with India. While the eight celebrities are considering whether to retire there because of the warm weather and cheap cost of living, it’s fairly easy to just visit the area. And you can even holiday in the same hotel as the celebs.

Is there a real life Marigold Hotel?

The hotel’s name is The Ravla Khempur in real life, but it was quite similar to what we imagined, with lovingly restored beautiful arches, refurbished grand rooms, and lawns with wrought iron furniture. This heritage hotel of India blends old world charm with modern comfort.

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